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The first wheels of Morbier were made from milk leftover from Comté production. The cheesemaker would press the leftover curd from the evening production of Comté into a mold and cover it with a thin layer of ash to prevent it from drying out and attracting flies. The next day, he would add the leftover morning curd on top of the ash. The result is a two layered semi-soft cheese with a complex fruity flavor and a slight tang. The two layers of the cheese have slightly different flavors, with the layer from the evening tasting fruitier than that from the morning. The ash not only separates the two layers, it also serves an aesthetic purpose as it makes a dramatic presentation. Morbier is made using raw cow’s milk and has a complex, bold flavor. Its yellow-ivory interior has a smooth texture wrapped inside a creamy brown crust. It pairs well with French Saucisson, is great on a sandwich with crusty bread and melts beautifully.

Size: Half Pound ($8.25)

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