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Harissa Paste

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Originally from Tunisia, Harissa hot sauce made with vegetables and chiles seasoned with coriander, caraway, and garlic, is now produced in France, to meet the demand first among the French repatriated from Algeria and later among the many immigrants from northern Africa who have settled there. Unlike other hot sauces, harissa, due to the particular balance of flavors, must be mixed with a moist dish, typically couscous, for the full effect. Harissa, with its intense slow burn, is an excellent accompaniment to couscous and tagines. It pairs well with all meats - chicken, beef and lamb - for grilling or roasting. Soups and stews are given a little kick up in flavor by adding as little as a teaspoon. Use in your favorite recipe or as a hot sauce to spice up your favorite foods (such as scrambled eggs). Comes in a 120g tube.

Size: Each ($3.60)

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