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Grevenbroecker Blue

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A strikingly beautiful cheese, Grevenbroecker is made from raw cow’s milk. The process that creates the blue veining surrounding the large cream-colored curds starts with hand stacking the Penicillium Roqueforti inoculated curds in the molds. As air seeps through the cracks in the cheese, over a period of ten weeks, the blue mold is activated and spreads throughout; following the natural fissures between the curds. As a result, Grevenbroecker is a cheese with a robust blue flavor, but without being aggressive or overly assertive. Instead, it balances sweet grass and earthy flavors. The texture is almost fudge-like, but when served at room temperature, it’s spreadable. The manual process used to make Grevenbroecker is so intense that the production is extremely limited, from 30 to 35 wheels per week. However, the cheese has been extremely well received both in Europe and in the USA, winning at the 2008 Caseus Awards in Lyon, France. The classic pairing of Tawny Port with blue holds true with Grevenbroecker, along with Trappist style ales.

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