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Domestic Tranquility Box

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This box contains everything you need to maintain peace in the house (and they're all from the U.S., too). Work your way through a half pound piece of Bellavitano, a cow's milk cheese from Wisconsin; Humboldt Fog, spreadable goat cheese from California; Wakker Aged Gouda, a raw cow's milk Gouda from Wisconsin; Pleasant Ridge Reserve, a beaufort style cheese made from raw cow's milk that has won best cheese in the nation again this year (WI); Mobay, half goat half sheep milk with a line of ash through the middle from Wisconsin; Penta Creme Blue, a creamy and rich blue cheese from Wisconsin; Sarvecchio, a parmesan style made in Wisconsin that won best cheese last year; and a third of a pound of Somerset, a Cheddar made with sheep's milk from northern Wisconsin. You won't go wrong with this box!

Size: Each ($100.00)

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