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This very special semi-soft cheese comes from the Asiago region of the Italian Alps. A cheese that is easy to fall in love with, Trugole's fruity character is the result of rich milk from Alpine cows that graze on wild foliage and grasses in mountain meadows. It is here where they make Trugole cheese, a distant cousin to the world famous Asiago cheese, but with a more accentuated and pleasing taste precisely due to the variety of herbs and grasses that its cows graze upon. The cheesemaker uses only carefully selected cultures and a method of production that faithfully follows the traditional method from the mountains. Its curing and aging is also carried out in a very special manner. Each day the wheels are turned and treated with water and salt to preserve the soft texture of the paste (interior). After 60 days the cheese reaches an ideal state for consumption. Enjoy it with a fruity red, fresh grapes and some sausages, you'll be in heaven!

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