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Ballpark Black Pepper Mustard-Mustard & Co.

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Many mustard grinding procedures destroy mustard's pungent spiciness, and so mustard users all over the world have been limited to just the bland side of the mustard seed’s character. At Mustard and Co., they've borrowed simple techniques to develop a process that ensures that the mustard seed is never subjected to heat, thus preserving its spicy volatile oils. You may think it's horseradish that gives the mustard a kick, but rest assured, it's fresh ground mustard. Couple this hands-on-deck approach with premium ingredients like organic extra-virgin olive oil and a flavorful balsamic vinegar, and you have a set of mustards like none other. Right away, you'll notice that the mustard is thinner than many others you've been accustomed to. This is primarily due to their determination to preserve the raw properties of each of the ingredients used. In other words, they opt not to add in any thickeners or emulsifiers. You'll recognize all of the ingredients, and what you see is what you get - fresh, raw, and bold mustard. This is the Ballpark Black Pepper version; classic yellow mustard with a nice hit of black pepper; 7 oz. jar.

Size: Each ($8.85)

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