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Torta del Casar

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Torta del Casar is completely natural, made using traditional methods with raw milk from herds of sheep in the Extremadura region of Spain. The milk is curdled with vegetable rennet. Once the curds form, the curds are placed in molds, salted, and aged for more than sixty days. Light and thin rind, semi-firm in texture, the main feature is its highly creamy texture. The white to yellowish paste can spill through cracks in the rind. It has a characteristic aroma and an intense taste; unctuous and rich, very slightly salty and slightly bitter due to the thistle rennet used in its production. To fully enjoy a Torta del Casar, it must be tempered prior to tasting (if served cold, many of its properties will be lost). Make sure it comes to room temperature, you can wait over a day for this. Use a pointed knife to open the upper cheese (like removing a lid), to expose the inner creamy goodness. Enjoy it on your favorite crusty bread. When you’ve had enough, simply replace the “lid” and keep in a cool place until you just have to have more. My advice? Have a party! Each cheese is 1.5 pounds.

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